Laurel Heights Dentist Discusses Spring Cleaning for the Mouth

How to Obtain and Maintain that Deep Clean Feeling

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You know the feeling – right after you return from the dentist’s office, and your mouth feels so fresh and clean as if you just finished a kind of conditioning for your teeth?

Health authorities say that most people need regular, professional teeth cleaning every six months to stave off periodontal disease and check for signs of decay. In addition to getting this deep cleaning process done – and scheduling it regularly – you should also invest time and energy into developing a home care plan in coordination with your dentist.

At home, take extra time to give your teeth additional deep cleaning care, assuming your dental care provider supports the process. Brush your whole mouth gently, use a tongue scraper, floss well, and rinse with a bacteria-killing mouthwash to make sure your mouth is extra clean. Consider investing in a quality electric toothbrush, which can also clean the mouth more effectively.

In addition, watch your diet, particularly if you have a metabolic illness like diabetes or obesity. Avoid or drastically reduce the amount of sugar and refined carbohydrate you consume. Not only do these foods contribute to tooth decay and the build up of unacceptable and dangerous levels of bacteria in the mouth, but they also lead to metabolic problems.

At the dentist, schedule a deep teeth cleaning if your doctor recommends it. The process scrapes away more plaque and tartar buildup than a normal home care cleaning. Your San Francisco dentist can help you come up with a long-term plan for keeping your teeth hygienic and healthy this Spring and for years to come.

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