Advantages of Digital Radiography

4 Reasons Dentists in San Francisco Prefer Digital X-Rays

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X-rays are an important part of a dental check-up. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to traditional x-ray machines can be detrimental to your health, and waiting for films can exacerbate what should be a quick and easy trip. Luckily, a lot of dentists are switching to new technology: digital x-rays. Taking images of your teeth has never been healthier or more convenient. Here are a few of the reasons to see a dentist who performs digital x-rays:

Reduce Radiation Exposure

Taking digital x-rays exposes patients to less radiation; up to a 90% reduction over traditional film x-rays. Going to the dentist can now be less stressful for those who are frequently exposed to radiation for work or medical treatment.

Better Imaging

With digital radiography, a general dentist enhances images of your teeth like never before. This translates to better care and dental health for patients.

Easier Transfer of Records

Moving to a new location, or seeing a specialist? Your dentist can now send a quick email to your new dentist, oral surgeon, or doctor, leading to quicker care and reduced paperwork for everyone involved.

Less Wait Time

Waiting for x-ray film to develop can be the most time-consuming part of a trip to the dentist. Digital x-ray appointments save you time since the images show up instantly! Thanks to digital radiography, you can get out of the dentist’s office and back to your day in no time.

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