High-Tech Teeth: The Beauty of Digital Dentistry

Advantages of Digital Technology in Dental Offices

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Dental health correlates strongly with physical health. As dental health pioneer Weston Price discovered during his detailed anthropological research around the globe, the health of your mouth and gums can be a good predictor of conditions ranging from obesity to heart disease. We need great teeth for our appearance and comfort. So when cavities and other dental issues threaten the integrity of a smile, obtaining fast and effective treatment becomes a priority.

Procedures such as crowns, fillings, and implants once took dental offices days – or weeks – to complete. But advanced new technologies have made rapid, less painful dental treatment a reality. Up-and-coming high-tech treatments include:

  • Same day crowns. Using digital scans of the mouth, dentists can quickly send the exact dimensions of a tooth to a “milling machine,” which churns out a ceramic crown the dentist can immediately bond to the tooth.
  • Digitally-created dentures. Dentists can use digital imaging, manufacturing and record keeping to hedge against loss or breakage and make denture procedures shorter, more comfortable and more convenient.
  • Digital radiography. Digital X-rays create less radiation and provide clearer images; they have largely replaced traditional film.
  • Cone-beam CT scans. Computed tomography (CT) imaging machines rotate around the patient’s head, generating a 3D image that better identifies tumors and other conditions.
  • Laser-assisted periodontal procedures. Lasers have begun to replace scalpels and sutures in treating periodontal disease, resulting in a less painful and traumatic experience for the patient.

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